• Suisei no Gargantia

    Gargantia Forever

     The Other Side of Loneliness

    Ripples of Grief


     Investigation at Twilight

    A Child's View

    Time as Transparent as Possible

    The End of the BanquetFeast

    Figure of a Labyrinth

    The Mark of Dusk

    Door of Truth Closed

    Every Other Girl

    My Festival Vision

    Celebration of a Good Catch

    Washing Weather

    Fleet of Sailing

     Leaving the Maiden Heart

    Fight, Fight Further

    Under the Pressures of Difficulties

    Imaginary Utopia

    My Day to Day Light, Wind and Sea

    Flight Navigation

     Dancing in the Wind

    Sorrowful Pathetic Tragedy

    I Like the Ocean Breeze

    Advance, Attack, Pursue

    Light Will Be A New Dawn

    Growing Determination

     Outline of Latent Feelings

     Symbol of Yearning

    Scampering Fleet

     Its Our Future of Nothingness

    Trouble with Prayer

    Before Proceeding

    Crusade Dedicated to Tomorrow

    Welcome to the Gargantia!